Archer Cooperative Nursery School was founded in 1964 as a cooperative, non-profit, non-seCtarian organization. The school is licensed by the New Jersey State Department of Human Services and meets state standards in staff, facilities and program. Educating children for 50 years, children graduate Archer's program readily prepared for Kindergarten.


What is a cooperative nursery school and what are the benefits?

A cooperative nursery school program is one where parents are given the unique opportunity to participate in the child’s first school experience.  Parents share in this experience by participating in the classroom, assisting both the teacher and assistant teacher. This cooperative experience helps facilitate a gradual transition from the family group to the larger outside world. Upon successfully completing a criminal background check and fingerprinting, parents participate in the classroom on a rotating basis.

Our Mission

Archer Cooperative Nursery School is committed to providing quality preschool education through program diversity and age appropriate child development techniques and activities.  The cooperative nursery school concept provides a unique opportunity for parents to actively participate in their children’s learning process by assisting in the child’s classroom.  We believe that cooperative education successfully blends the essential elements for the optimum learning by young children: quality teachers, committed parents and the children themselves.


Our Goals

We provide a well-equipped and happy social environment away from home. The curriculum is flexible and contemporary.  Every effort is made to help the preschooler develop as an individual in the following areas:

  • Making a successful transition from home
  • Learning to be with other children
  • Developing an interest and joy in learning
  • Developing a sense of security and
    feeling of success
  • Developing self-expression
  • Developing self-control and responsibility